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@LfgPaddockpatek @LiterateSimmie @AntisemitismNo @mishtal Then as usual the point evades you or you’re purposefully obfuscating. My point is anyone can post images. And the internet is full of false Ukraine information and fake images. Get it ?

@Bertilak3 With every current accusation against Ukraine I also saw the Israel trope that Israel sold weapons to the neo Nazis in azov and there were pictures of them holding Israeli weapons.

@wartranslated Stealing WWII propaganda for 2022 Ukraine propaganda

@Brad_Spielman @ellyngail @jan_baba_jan @JonahIvriAnochi @ICCforisreal @emilykschrader Notice since the Ukraine war when China distanced itself from Russia, it stopped? There was also pressure from China on Israel to trade and share tech. Israel already had some kind of deals with Russia (before Ukraine) which I’m guessing is why they stayed out of the fray.

@Bertilak3 @BlackerUilleam @calxandr There are neo Nazis in Ukraine the way there are neo Nazis in many counties. They’re in the US military too. Many right wing US white supremacy militias are military vets. There’s a difference between being there and being supported by the govt. Russia supports theirs.

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