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@IntelArrow I know the problems it causes, but it's an important aspect of freedom that even in a war, the right to be on your own property, even to die with it, is not violated. This is how Ukraine is different than Russia, where in Russia people are sheep the govt. can herd as they please.

@OpenmindAvenue @EdneckEngineer @Gunb0atDipl0mat @Lee__Drake @oryxspioenkop Don't project your emotional state on other people. You're the one that's raging because Russia is losing and you're coping hard to compensate. Sure, I'd like Ukraine to win faster and get more weapons for that, but I'm also pleased that Russia is still getting it's ass kicked.

@OpenmindAvenue @EdneckEngineer @Gunb0atDipl0mat @Lee__Drake @oryxspioenkop From a destruction of equipment and manpower perspective, yes, a success. Looking at: land, equipment, manpower as the criteria, Ukraine did 2/3 in that battle. Not terrible. But, considering there are other fronts... where Ukraine is winning 3/3... ATM, Ukraine's still winning.

Russian shill who... - Supports war by Russian terrorists invading Ukraine - Supports Russia's violent regime change attempt in Ukraine - Supports funding the Russian terror state - Refuses to fight along side the Russian Nazis he loves ...wants to lecture you about "peace".

@mtracey Imagine, half of these politicians, usually the most cowardly and self-preserving on Earth, had the courage to go to Ukraine and see what's happening on the ground. Tracey is such a coward he doesn't even have the balls of a small European country's prime or foreign minister.

@EliotHiggins The fact their propaganda on this is in overdrive is they know how bad the blowback is for Russia, that it will drive NATO and non-aligned nations to support Ukraine in even more substantial ways.

@WarInstitute Ukraine has gone though full mobilization while Russia has not, giving them a significant edge in overall troop numbers which Russia won't overcome unless they do the same. Why does the author think that those soldiers don't matter and can't cover losses? I'm curious.

@IntelCrab Ok, HIMARS doesn't go THAT far unless the US gave Ukraine an ATACMS... 馃榿

Russian propaganda tactic of making the west focus on Russian "victories" taking a few meters in Donbas while Ukraine destroys them in Kherson and Kharkiv seems to be working, unfortunately. Ukraine needs their PR back on track. @KyivIndependent @motytchak @NikaMelkozerova

@OpenmindAvenue @millenboy @Gunb0atDipl0mat @Lee__Drake @oryxspioenkop "The major battlefield". So now you're cherry-picking what's important based on Russian propaganda? LOL. The "major battlefield" is wherever Ukraine wants it to be. They are going to take all Kherson Oblast back while Russia forces die like pigs for a few meters in Donbas.

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