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Seems like a massive problem that in the middle of a potential crisis the initial information from Ukraine and *several* other actual NATO countries was straight up false and clearly designed towards drawing the US into WW3

The Ukraine hawks will rue the day they crushed the pro-diplomacy left as the movement now effectively belongs to a portion of the right which is about to win several high profile Senate seats and likely even the Presidency in 2024

The lesson for Ukraine is also obvious: The only way to avoid crisis is to have enough courage to ditch the Washington consensus and seek creative diplomacy. If you don't catastrophe is probably inevitable

NYT: US officials "frustrated" by Ukraine refusing to share intelligence or military plans especially covert ops inside of Russia

The IC is not leaking this story on accident. The Dugin murder happened months ago. Clearly they are concerned that Ukraine is on the verge of or already has carried out other risky and inflammatory action

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