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That is supposed to be part of US and EU obligations to Ukraine, to teach some how to use it. So much is already destroyed that now the newest is being sent. Can the US be any more stupid? Biden or whoever has an agenda that isn't for US

Belarus Leader Confirms February Attack on Russian Military Aircraft by Partisans https://t.co/E9UZELHMKZ "“The security service of Ukraine, the leadership of the CIA, behind closed doors, are carrying out an operation against the Republic of Belarus,” Belarusian leader https://t.co/RnLsWf3Wyu

How the war in Ukraine has changed Europe https://t.co/DC0X4H8c1J This collective interview shows the progressing of EU to totally Bank run. the "Member States" are an economic force, not independent states, but controlled by the monetary strings of the Central heart of the EU

Senate Budget Committee Mulls Climate Risk to US Coastline Communities and Regions https://t.co/a7c3zoiRhM Interesting that addressing effects of climate change on coastal land is not as important as sending Billions to Ukraine. "I’m concerned that the cure is worse than the

How many Billion has he not mentioned this time? Please, I need a car, a small fraction of what the government is giving away, for whatever reason, to Ukraine.

Ukraine, that they can survive and not lose, we have to change the paradigm of our support.”"

NATO Member Says 50 Billion Euros in Aid to Ukraine ‘Far From’ Satisfying, Urges Allies to Boost Spending https://t.co/D6tNfwsTrb Ukraine must have something better than gold to warrent such high investment. "“If we want to invest in Ukrainian victory, not only to invest to

@gridnews Look at it this way. Most of EU countries and the US against one country. It is amazing Russia has been able to withstand the onslaught against them. Makes Ukraine look totally weak, ineffectual. Every one else is fighting for, and financially supporting Ukraine.

@JohnRErwin1 All these jungle boys and girls who want to fight, get on this wagon and go to Ukraine.

A video of Zelensky saying the US has to send sons and daughters to die in Ukraine is out tonight. It is time someone in DC told Americans Why Zelensky believes the US Owes him and Ukraine the blood of our children. Why the US Owes him money and arms.

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