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Aspiring 馃敹 MP for Cities of London and Westminster;鉁濓笍馃嚜馃嚭 馃毑馃強馃徎馃尪 馃崬 #lvt,馃嚬馃嚰; speaks 馃嚛馃嚜 馃嚪馃嚭馃嚚馃嚳馃嚤馃嚬馃嚨馃嚤;also @cep
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@adhirajadhikari @IlvesToomas when I want to discuss Yemen, I will have plenty to say. But you started an argument about Ukraine.

@adhirajadhikari @IlvesToomas Nobody's surrounding or threatening Russia. its neighbours got scared, for good reason. Nobody is made to join NATO. Ukraine was pounding on the door and (sadly) didn't get in. Please read up on Russian imperialism before further discussion. Etkind Bullough Snyder Applebaum

@adhirajadhikari @IlvesToomas this is classic #whataboutism. I didn't start an argument about Yemen and I'm not here to conduct one. You started talking about Ukraine. Let's stick to that subject

@adhirajadhikari @IlvesToomas no #whataboutism please. let's focus on Ukraine. It's a real country with real language, real culture and real people. Russia promised to respect its sovereignty and borders in 1994, unconditionally, in return for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons.

@adhirajadhikari @general_ben No, this isn't a morally neutral conflict. One side is the aggressor. If Russia wins, everyone else loses, not just Ukraine.

My suggestion is to confiscate and auction all property that doesn't have an identifiable beneficial owner. That would raise billions for relief of poverty, reconstruction of Ukraine etc

Delighted to be discussing Putin's war on Ukraine with the great #fionahill in ten minutes, live on @intelligence2

鈥淭he state in Russia has set itself up like an occupying army鈥 鈥 Alexander Herzen. It鈥檚 a good metaphor. But the real thing, in Ukraine, is worse. https://t.co/41TgiAmk0i

My speech yesterday at #Ukraine rally in Whitehall -- Confiscate kleptocratic assets in UK! https://t.co/jAnOkIEvRS #londonlibdems #libdems #westminsterlibdems

the Pope gets a lot wrong on Ukraine. But this is a good move https://t.co/DnBuPVmed7

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