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Dont get it twisted. #Dems Lost BIG TIME this election. The GOP took away women鈥檚 rights and they STILL hate #Libtards more then that. The GOP is full of hatred and just like Ukraine is fighting Russia, we must fight the #RussiaAtHome

What people arent grasping is that by the west helping Ukraine with the invasion by russia, that takes out russia helping china in the future. This is a game of chess.

@SarcasmStardust keep fighting Ukraine! We got your back!

@Gtrealmacoy @MariaSc90701399 @ZelenskyyUa @United24media ok let me help you. St. Petersburg. Is. In. Russia. Russia. Is. The. One. Bombing. Ukraine! Soooooooo. To. Say. St. Petersburg. Isnt. In. The. War. Is. Stooooooooooooooopid.

@chrislhayes @RossBarkan WTF r you talking about chris? You need to clarify because here ur saying Ukraine should give in to Putin and the west should stop delivering much needed equipment so Ukrainians will beg for peace.

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