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@helply11 Russia's piecemeal strategy undercuts Ukraine's NATO advised preparations to counter a large-scale offensive. The slow grind also undercuts West's commitment that usually starts dissolving after 6 months. I doubt they abandon it.

@rphurley1 @vetphysician @WarMonitor3 Ukraine cannot be a democracy within its nominal borders any more. The country will probably be split threeways of which the westernmost part will eventually turn into something like Poland.

@rphurley1 @vetphysician @WarMonitor3 I am not shocked at all. Ukraine will be a similar authoritarian state as Russia and Belarus from now on.

@AlArabiya_Eng The American response to Russia's attack on Ukraine has made it literally impossible for it to attack Iran any time soon without the world order crumbling around it.

@Lar_Woodside Russia doesn't "storm" cities. That clearly isn't a part of its strategy, even if Ukraine and its western advisors assumed it would be and prepared everything accordingly.

@PolinaPomorenko Many people with keyboards don't know anything about war and think what is going on in Ukraine now is as bad as it could possibly get.

@minhthuanbui @thelightsystemm @JulianRoepcke @BILD Because Ukraine loaths much of the civilian population the area, their residences are extensively used to shelter weapons, ammo and soldiers, understandably slowing down Russia unless it resorts to indiscriminate carpet bombing.

@OstKampfer @RALee85 Key to any victory is for Ukraine to cut ties with areas that don't care about it and move on.

@RT_com Trying to use. The US realised too late what a disastrous distraction and drag Ukraine becomes to the EU.

@Trollstoy88 Markets have come conclusion that the war in Ukraine will turn the EU into American sphere of influence, whether they like that or not.

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