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I think Ukraine should donate our taxpayer money back to help the state of Florida. Yes?

Billions of dollars to seal and protect Ukraine鈥檚 borders while our border is like a fricken welcome mat! 馃槨

Why isn鈥檛 Joe sending money to Jackson, Mississippi to help their water crisis instead of to a foreign country like Ukraine?

@bartlet_dave @Moor59347918Jim Whatever we do we have to send more money to corrupt Ukraine. 馃槺馃槣馃槫馃し鈥嶁檧锔

Our government is now so corrupt under Joe. We might as well be Ukraine.

Stop sending weapons to Ukraine!!!!! 馃槨馃憖馃憞

Joe cares more about the invasion of the Ukraine border than the invasion of our own southern border. Yes?

I really wish one of my kids was on the Board of a Ukraine oil company right. I鈥檇 one wealthy lady!!!!

I鈥檇 rather have mean Tweets and prosperity than an economic Depression and a money laundering Ukraine. You?

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