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NEW - Zelenskyy is not allowed to speak at the Oscars - apparently because only people of white skin color are fighting each other in the Ukraine war. https://t.co/AeeI3yOOMJ

NOW - Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine has lost all of its site power for the 6th time — IAEA https://t.co/nwH3bjP5dt

JUST IN - Yellen makes a surprise visit to Kyiv, Ukraine. https://t.co/2N581i9rFG

JUST IN - UN General Assembly again demands Russia withdraw troops from Ukraine, calling for a "comprehensive and lasting" peace. https://t.co/DIxHUiLmXN

NEW - United States readies an additional $10 billion in economic assistance for Ukraine, says Yellen. https://t.co/82DXpcTmGf

NOW - Biden: "Autocrats only understand one word: No. No. No ... Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. Never." https://t.co/cyySBRw31m

MORE - Biden and Zelenskyy talked about long-range weapons during the surprise visit to Ukraine.

JUST IN - US sends another $500 million in weapons to Ukraine: Biden

UPDATE - Russia begins large-scale exercises of its strategic nuclear forces on the eve of Biden's visit to Europe — Ukraine's Ministry of Defense.

NOW - German Defense Minister Pistorius says, "Ukraine must win the war" at the Munich Security Conference. https://t.co/DFmDbR359u

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