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for peace and justice/ μα
Unless your IQ is higher than mine your opinion is just that your opinion (σαν φασίστας δεν περιμένω
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Φucking #NAFO lies for $$$$$$$ I hope #UkraineArmy realizes sooner than later their fight is in vain and you are fighting a war for interests other than Ukraines.

@leftiemb93 @jacksonhinklle 150.000Ukranians did not have to die if they only listened to this man's pleas,Ukraine is a sacrificial lamb for the continuation of the murderous imperialistic dominance of guess who.

The West's genocidal war in #Ukraine in the name of its imperialistic murderous dominance.

The sad side of NATO'S atrocities in Ukraine having ill-informed Ukranians fighting a war in support of the #empire's decline.

I'm not cheering for any human death, sadly, though this promoted proxy war by the USA and allies in Ukraine turns the whole land to a Slava Ukraine cemetery.

@aamann59612126 @GarlandNixon Hope Russia will treat them with honor as they.. or some could be victims of #Zelensky '$ NAZI regime forced to their death, not for Ukraine's well-being

@WYDITS Freedom is to get back what is taken from you, and that was taken from Ukraine in 2014, and #Putin is on a path to restore democracy in the now Ukraine'$ #NAZI regime

@IAPonomarenko Didn't the west destroy Ukraine; you their tool.after watching this video, there is nothing more to be said.

To all D #NAFO S And hypocritical world leaders as #Trudeau his right NAZI hand #Freeland and #Europe's rulers,the puppets of IMF shedding crocodilian tears on the anniversary of the holocaust while aggressively committing genocides in Ukraine supporting #Zelensky's NAZI regime

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