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@reedgalen @JoyVBehar Where can we go to see all of Hunters laptop & collusion with China & Ukraine? Daddy O, the "big guy" & crooked uncle too. A family affair. You do remember in the 80's the lying plagerizer & all that media coverage. Biden, was & still is a lying inept incompetent.

@POTUS You are the reason gas prices skyrocketed, but inept incompetent mumbler blamed Putin. We're not stupid. You are no savior of anything in the economy. You spend billions of our taxpayer money on Ukraine & BS climate change

@POTUS How can that even have a semblance of truth? You are spending taxpayers money by the billions on Ukraine & BS climate crap while working Americans have multiple jobs just to put food on the table. Lying inept incompetent mumbler

@POTUS More lies every minute of every day. The inept incompetent mumbler is more interested in bankrupting the country by spending on Ukraine & the stupid climate change agenda

@POTUS We know it but you certainly don't. You care more about sending multiple billions to Ukraine, exporting some of OUR reserve oil to CHINA after you screwed our energy independence, rent, housing, food, utilities, crime all skyrocketing. You DON'T do anything but make it WORSE

@POTUS Another "message" from the inept incompetent mumblers woke left Twitter lackeys. It's a time of "war". His delusional FDR stance it seems. Funneling billions into Ukraine which seems to be another Vietnam at this point.

@RNCResearch Inept incompetent mumbler who blames everyone but himself while he's giving billions of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine. Defence contractors are loving that to line their pockets while the people get nothing.

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