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Really depressing that Ukraine looks likely to become a frozen conflict, devastating the local population potentially for decades

@DavidAvromBell To my mind, they鈥檙e part of the same phenomenon, and I also think the fervor of Ukraine is connected to the US desire to remake the world鈥攊tself connected to the desire to remain hegemonic in Europe. (And quite a few are calling/hoping for Putin鈥檚 overthrow, no?)

@DavidAvromBell honest q: how would you characterize the elite liberal response (the people watching Rings of Power) to Ukraine/Russia?

My guess is US policymakers thought they鈥檇 send weapons and create a quagmire for Russia, not planning for Ukraine possibly turning the tide and thus stoking real fears of nuclear use

I wonder if the course of the war in Ukraine will encourage Americans to think twice before vehemently insisting their government flood a country/region with weapons

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