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An internationally-based #novelist and #freelancewriter who believes in socio-economic justice, resi
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Slava Ukraini!!! Bakhmut will be rebuilt... under a free Ukraine... #UkraineWillWin

Hero of Ukraine and global liberty... Slava Ukraini!

No one cares about her color. The fact she feels Russia's war against Ukraine was justified is enough to call her out.

Most of those who would respond negatively to this are just Russian trolls. The civilized world backs Ukraine, and will until it's over. #UkraineWillWin

The biggest groupings of Nazis in Ukraine are among the Russian occupiers. They're known as the Wagner Group, after Hitler's favorite composer.

Vindman is indeed a hero to both the US and Ukraine. He defended the US against a corrupt POTUS, and defended Ukraine against this same corrupt POTUS.

What's worst about the Iraq invasion is how Putin used this as an excuse to invade Ukraine; an "if they can do it, so can we" justification. I think too the decision-makers on Iraq also thought that somehow Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11.

There is one comparison I think that could be made. The lies told to justify both invasions. That said, on the balance the lies told to justify Russia's invasion of Ukraine were far more dubious.

Sorry, mate, but the fact you're denigrating Ukraine doesn't make me friendly towards you. It makes me think you side with evil.

NAFO is people all over the world engaging Russian propagandists in various ways; I'm in Africa, but the reason I identify w/ NAFO is that they support a free Ukraine. It's crowdsourced defense against #RussianPropaganda. #NAFOExpansionIsNonNegotiable

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