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|lakers馃挏馃挍 fan| cowboys fan| Lebron is the goat 馃悙|Yankees fan |Never taken an L| @lakers @dallascowbo
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@obsiniius @FarrowPorcher @RWApodcast I鈥檓 sure you will find a way to deny and make up excuses to. Then again that what Ukraine bots do best

@obsiniius @FarrowPorcher @RWApodcast I know this be hard to watch for some nazi lovers but the nazis falling one by one. Ukraine controls 5.7% of Kherson and losing towns they recaptured which already costed them 3000 dead lol 馃槀 馃槀馃槀 https://t.co/toHXpJqRBH

@obsiniius @FarrowPorcher @RWApodcast Your Ukraine troops doing a god job in Kherson lol 鈥淩ussia can鈥檛 hold Kherson鈥 https://t.co/poKPi5ax1V

@MonsieurCellop1 @RomanObens @bfry1981 @Nrg8000 鈥淵ou should change your handle鈥 learn how to spell lol tf is your name. You might be worst at fighting for Ukraine then you do on Twitter you would end up like these nazis https://t.co/Ir9l2lThOd

@ThreatTrophy @bfry1981 @Nrg8000 So 3000 plus Ukraine troops dead so far okay more will die

@Nikolai11449196 @ControlCompli8 What happen to no man left behind lol Ukraine troops don鈥檛 care about their own kind

@_Messier33 @AlbertSmeee @KyivIndependent Cause you Ukraine bots where jumping for a joy hyping it up Zelensky meet rider

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