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@NewshubPolitics Is it true Biden sold oil to china from US reserves. When will labour send china some of our reserves. Or did it all go to Ukraine?

@DraggingCanoe62 @WylesSharon @Titch16487899 He's also captured a heap of scientists from those labs and they will be going before a court to testify soon. US govt will be terrified. Hence the constant flow of arms from them to Ukraine.

@mr_007jamesbond @IGY6MMCWNZ @lambchopnosauce @kiwiwayne2 Remember what Xi said when the US first said the virus came out of Wuhan labs... 馃槅 Now Putin has a heap of lab scientists ready to testify from Ukraine labs. It's game time alright.

@JeremyMcilvride @NewshubNZ Ukraine will end up a hot hole in Europe 馃槅 Full of dead Nazis and probably as of next year belong to Russia. That's if the US, UK, and many others keep sending arms instead of growing balls. Considering US president don't have any balls....bye bye Ukraine.

@ryanmccarvill @aotesam @radionz We're allies with the Ukraine? Since? Let's hope it doesn't turn into another Afghanistan or Germany. I'm pretty sure it's inevitable but hey, let's poke the bear.

@ryanmccarvill @aotesam @radionz Cool, pick up a gun. Go to Ukraine. Save the world. Good luck 馃馃槄

@nzherald 馃槅馃槅 yet on the real time videos I'm sent on Telegram, Russia is kicking arse. Ukraine PM is scared as a mouse. He knows the war is for America not his people.

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