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Retired. 23 yrs with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Keen observer of journalistic practises: factual? balanced (differing views known to exist)? research?
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@tomfriedman You state Russia's action in Ukraine was "unprovoked"? Are you aware of NATO, National Endowment for Democracy, the United States government, the weapons & military training provided to Ukraine, the details of the coup of 2014, the UN report on Donbass deaths, the Minsk accords?

@Twitspice @guardian @peterjukes Me too... Fortunately as a Canadian, I can simply deny my British heritage. My dismay relates mostly to the Tories, Blairites & the Ukraine/NATO debacle. But certainly this story adds to my view of the UK in decline.

@a_magazova Look at the US Himar remnants found at the site. Listen to prisoners who survived. Read the US govt statement. How can Ukraine claim eye-witness reports 10km from their closest presence? Clearly the truth is not easy for you. Azov supporters will not be happy. Yet another coup?

@guardian WTF? Guardian ignoring US govt report re Ukraine "accidentally" firing missile on POW facility, killing their own captured Azov'ers. No doubt Zelenskyy in deep after his phony accusations. Best The Guardian (NATO apologist-in-chief) can do is say they can't verify what happened.

Given that the US, Canada & UK (governments & media) have plans to increase anti-China propaganda with lies about Xinjiang (where Uyghur people form the majority), you might want to see Alex's 9 min video montage. He lives there. Xinjiang is more than twice the size of Ukraine.

The National Endowment for Democracy (an insidious US-govt funded agency promoting destabilization & regime change) helped create the Ukraine coup & NATO expansion conflict. It operates in many nations. US fingerprints all over Hong Kong鈥檚 disturbances

@globeandmail Very touching. May I also suggest that G&M one day consider another aspect of the war in Ukraine - the history of Ukraine since 2004, & causes of the

@mrsorokaa A fool & his life are soon parted. I stand with Ukraine 馃嚭馃嚘 - independent, peaceful, non-corrupt, NEUTRAL, NON-NATO, NON-FASCIST.

@mrsorokaa Yes. It IS a good idea. The US (including the infamous National Endowment for Democracy) has suckered a foolish & barely legitimate Ukraine govt to give Ukraine lives for US (NATO) war against Russia but more inflation & economic decline will only cause Western Europe to say NO!

@Reuters This smells as potentially part of a grand US scheme: Taiwan constantly poking China in the eye, hoping at some point that China will say enuf & take back Taiwan by force. Some similarities to the Ukraine model. A lot of Taiwanese & Ukrainian blood is a small price for US goals.

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