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@Linkirk12 It is far right wing Media, the pimps of War. We could talk about, all the things they don't talk about. We could talk about the protest across Europe people burning their energy bills. 80% of the world don't back the west in Ukraine

@BernieG95778509 Labour suspended a guy who told the truth about Ukraine at conference.

Far right-wing bigot president of fascist Ukraine. The Ukraine is a good business opportunity, the west killing people all over the place, the west like killing black and brown people. The UK hurt disabled people.

14 million people living on the breadline 4.5 million of them children. Homelessness rough sleeping veterans sleeping on the street. And all she cares about is billionaires and giving money to Ukraine. She is destroying your grandchildren's futures.

@PeterChave3 That's what Isis do in Syria when people are fleeing. America and Ukraine don't care about human life just like the UK.

@Chrisjmaffei @ineffable_x Because that's who they are they don't like the truth. Roger Waters is on the list for telling the truth about Ukraine.

@buddy_hell As far as I know she doesn't support Ukraine she does Syria she is against globalism Klaus Schwab, I may be wrong, but I know she was standing up for Syria. None of them are getting big majorities like the Conservatives 29% of the vote.

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