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@IAPonomarenko Would make a great the mightiest military in the world is the 2nd best military in Ukraine!

@phildstewart Stupid policies... Send them to Ukraine! There are Russians there fighting the Special Military Operation. They need to go help there. The most effective way they can help is to go fight against their own country men! They created this mess, they need to stop.

@tweet4anna This is what true friends behave! Poland is fully secured in their identity and threatened by the influx of the Ukrainian refugees. They extend out their hands and help! It's not that hard to be friends to those in their time of need! One day Ukraine will be free & help as well!

@SecBlinken You Blinken 1d10t could have deployed troops within Ukraine instead of being chickenshit scared. Now many Ukrainian lives have been lost...all that because you and your President were to much of cowards and tried to appease evil people! Still not too late to fix your mistakes!

@PKurzin It's a trap...those Vatniks are pro-invasion...they support the Special Military Operation...round them up and send them back. They should have gone to Ukraine and join the Foreign Legion over there. There are other Russians who went to Ukraine to fight to help the Ukrainians!

@hansgruber126 @the_situat_IAN @Partisangirl Yeah, until Putin decided to send the military into Ukraine. He was gonna get away with Crimea. Now, the Ukies will get Crimea back and nothing Ruzzia can do anything about it. They have 2 choices. Leave on their own or the Ukies will make them leave or become fertilizers!

@maria_drutska Oh, how we went from fighting to the last Ukrainian in Ukraine to fighting to the last Ruzzian in Ukraine! That could be arranged! Looks like the Ruzzians woke up and chose the hard way. All they have to do was to just go back home!

@Maks_NAFO_FELLA That is not nice! Whatever happened to him working to save Putin's face! This guy is a maron! He should keep on talking to Putin and tell him to get out of Ukraine!

@DanLamothe So, those 5 Azov commanders can go to Ukraine any time then...according to the Ruzzians there is no war in Ukraine! Some needs to get the legal papers to the lawyers!

@AlexKokcharov Ok are going to Ukraine! Where are all the Vatniks who were supporting the Z Operation?

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