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@jeroen_jeroen_ @oldhullonian @benjackus @caitoz Sure he did. Just as he “tried to avoid” invading Chechnya, Georgia, Crimea, and Eastern Ukraine before he invaded the rest of Ukraine — from three sides. Oops!

@GQMagazine @AOC Hobnobbing with celebrities in “protest” ball gowns and getting her nails done for Ukraine is from our level? Lol #OutOfTouch

@MayraFlores2022 Nonsense. I stand with Ukraine. 🙏🇺🇦

@DrRamblings @Biaggi4NY The Champagne Socialists, who can’t seem to get a bill out of committee, but are pretty good at making Instagram videos, hobnobbing with the rich & famous in their “protest” ball gowns, and getting their nails done “for Ukraine”? More of those?

@NYWFP When they’re not getting their nails done “for Ukraine” or hobnobbing with celebrities at champagne socials in “protest dresses”?

@rynkrynk Nor should you, but please don’t let their noise — and, yes, they are NOISY, if few — don’t let noise & nonsense demoralize you. There is great love & admiration here for the valiant Ukrainian people and support for Ukraine’s continued sovereignty. We stand with Ukraine! 🙏🇺🇦

@HarrisH30894075 @PalmerReport The first episode, with CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) activist & actor, Sean Penn, on his effort in Ukraine was very interesting. The second and much shorter interview is with Joe Manchin and also lent valuable perspective. If you try it, let me know what you think.

@dustyh0urs It’s still up to you/the original poster to defend these silly claims. For instance, “our healthcare money being spent to arm Nazis in Ukraine.” I mean, seriously, WTF?

@QueenOfUAR @shambolicgirl @nytimes Actually, it was Putin who installed a puppet dictator in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, whose own people then rose up against him, forcing him to flee the country. Did you miss the Euromaidan movement of 2014?

@QueenOfUAR @shambolicgirl @nytimes Don’t be ridiculous. The US didn’t invade, bombard, and commit atrocities against Cuban civilians, as Putin & Russian forces have done and continue to do in Ukraine. The US has been a haven for Cubans risking their lives on the open seas to escape Castro’s Communist oppression.

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