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"Гроза всего тайного" / "The terror for all things secret" (c) Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the
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Russia fired 100 missiles at Ukraine today, hitting a residential building in Kyiv and leaving whole cities without electricity. These young men and women were inputting the missile flight paths, again.

@gradeadivaa @NikaMelkozerova What the hell are you even talking about? Who's the "Russian" writing about Ukraine?

A short 🧵 on how Russian intelligence launders fake news by using helpful EU "media". A leading headline in Russian state media today is that "Poland plans to capture Western Ukraine and hold a referendum". The cited source is "the Belgian portal Modern Democracy".

Russia's MoD says Ukraine "carried out terrorist attacks" against Russia's navy ships in the Black Sea. In related news, I hear Ukraine also carries terrorist attacks against Russian tanks on Ukrainian territory.

Watching Nothing New on the Western Front while arguing in telegram with Russian soldiers in Ukraine about the inevitability of their demise. "don't bury us yet, this may be the demise or Britain instead. We can be in London soon".. and then this scene comes up.

The problem with this... In June I was approached by another PayPal founder. Equally successful and by extension. Maybe smarter. "Why do you perpetuate the myth Ukraine can turn the tide?", he asked, "Such a fantasy will only hurt Ukraine". And that's the problem with this.

Russia's war correspondents and Russia's military pride Wagner say "the problem of replacement of the Russian population" (with non-ethnic Russians from former Soviet republics) is going to "explode into a civil war". Remember, this country is "fighting Nazism in Ukraine".

As he's the main indicted suspect and wanted by Dutch law enforcement, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Dutch SSO team descending into eastern Ukraine for a short mission in the next few days.

Russia once again plans to start fighting "for real this time". But I like the ending. "Ukraine has shown us impossible is nothing"

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