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@AvonandsomerRob Oh yes it is Rob. We are strong members of NATO and it's in our strategic interests that Ukraine prevails. But yes, it's not a good situation. We've been very generous to Ukraine. EU not so much. Yet Zelenski adores the EU...what an irony that is.

@wesstreeting So Labour wouldn't have faced War in Ukraine? Or Furlough? Or threat of nuclear war in Europe? A fantasy world?

@AvonandsomerRob Nope. Ukraine would not then be a "member". And maybe they'll want to have an issue with their in tray?

@RachelReevesMP Many of the drivers here are caused by the war in Ukraine, energy crisis and risk of nuclear war in Europe. And they'd impact a Labour govt too. The problem with Labour is you always lie your way to power. Why is that?

@Peston Pandemic. War in Ukraine. Queen's funeral. 拢拢拢拢拢拢拢拢拢拢拢拢拢

@Keir_Starmer So are you saying you wouldn't have had lockdown and the furlough? Or funded the vaccine? Or helped Ukraine with the war with Russia? Of course you would. And you'd be in exactly the same position.

@darrengrimes_ And our support for Ukraine. Including all the training we gave them.

@MrKennethClarke We'd never have had the war in Ukraine or the energy crisis if we'd not left the EU...馃構

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