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We demand that money going to Ukraine be sent to help Florida. they have cities that look worse than Ukraine after this hurricane.

What is going on in Washington? They are sending more money to much money do these traitors need? Our Republican congress better get off their butts & stop this madness. At this rate we'll be bankrupt in 2 democrat years! My God people WAKE UP!!

Please stop we don't want anymore of your results. You should go visit some people in your hometown & see what's going on in the real world. You & Jill Try living on 600.00 a week then tell me how things worked out for you. How about helping us instead of Ukraine.

Biden has done nothing to help Kenosha rebuild after his BLM & Antifa thugs burned down most of their town. But Ukraine gets 51 Billion. I'm not against helping others but you help your own country first!

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