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All the US banks are collapsing - let’s send another $200 billion to Ukraine. That’ll help.

@MittRomney Not everyone can get million dollar no show jobs in Ukraine like your son.

Our banks are collapsing ... The Biden regime solution - send Yellen out to talk about diversity, climate change, and travel to Ukraine to promise them every dime we have. Get ready for total collapse - we have children in charge.

Look at that idiot - 😂 Anti-War, Anti-Gun Activist Turned 'War expert,' Sean Penn, Tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer Americans Need To Ignore Nuclear Threat from Russia, Send More Long-Range Weapons and Fighter Jets to Ukraine via @gatewaypundit

So glad Janet (inflation is transitory) Yellen finally went to East Palestine, Ohio to show she really cares about our citizens. Just kidding ... she flew a gas guzzling jet over to Ukraine to give Zelenskyy yet another 1.2 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Good morning ... It's become painstakingly obvious that the Biden regime doesn't give AF about U.S. citizens. They hate you! All they care about, and I mean all they care about - is their endless, bottomless pit, money laundering scheme to Ukraine with your tax dollars.

Another day, another 1.2 billion - the money laundering scheme is endless. WTH? Janet Yellen Makes 'Surprise' Visit to Kiev to Announce Another $1.25 Billion in Aid to Ukraine via @gatewaypundit

Oh look - neocon warmonger of the century wants more war. There's a shocker - 😂 George W. Bush pushes back on GOP criticism of Ukraine funding: 'Not going to constrain' helping US citizens #FoxNews

@POTUS Yet won’t go to East Palestine, Ohio to support his own citizens. Ukraine first, America last Joe.

Yet won’t go to East Palestine, Ohio to support his own citizens. But hey, Joe has to make sure his loser crackhead son keeps getting those million dollar Ukraine no show jobs.

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