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Caleb T. Maupin
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We at @CPIUSA presented @ReadeAlexandra with an award for her international solidarity and efforts to spread truth in a world of lies. She dedicated it to the Uhuru Movement, the journalists reporting from the Ukraine war zone, etc. Watch Full Speech:

Just wait until we find out where all the money donated to Ukraine over the past few months has actually been going folks…. You can’t say I didn’t warn you!

#Russia has called a #UNSC meeting about the fact that Ukraine is now shelling a nuclear power facility, putting the entire region at risk.

“We are in support of Russia… Ukraine is just a cover for the world colonial powers. If Russia is against the world colonial powers, we support Russia.” Uhuru leader speaks in the aftermath of FBI raids.

Russian Deputy Ambassador shows cluster munitions used by Ukraine, dropped on civilian areas by US backed forces. They are small, plastic & look like toys. #UNSC

They don’t really care about Ukraine. NATO wants to sacrifice as many Ukrainian lives as possible in their crusade to drive the Russian competitors off the oil & gas markets.

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