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Looks like a misfire, with a bunch of subsequent narratives muddying the waters. Russia has been launching missiles and Ukraine's air defenses would be launching anti-aircraft missiles to intercept them. They often miss their target.

The western media have been repeatedly caught publishing baseless claims about rape by Russians in Ukraine. Empire apologists parrot these claims in my mentions constantly. In times of war you should be *MORE* skeptical of claims made by governments and the media, not less.

"Virulent Russiagater Anne Applebaum argues in 'Fear of Nuclear War Has Warped the West’s Ukraine Strategy' that the US and its allies should escalate against Russia with full confidence that Putin won't respond with nuclear weapons."

Zelensky And Bush To Give Joint Pro-War Presentation "Many people who support the US proxy war in Ukraine now recognize that the Iraq war was a horrific disaster, but Ukraine isn’t the good war, it’s just the current war."

Zelensky And Bush To Give Joint Pro-War Presentation Bush drew headlines and laughter earlier this year with his Freudian confession in which he accused Vladimir Putin of launching "a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq — I mean, of Ukraine."

Let's Be Clear: If WW3 Happens It Will Be The Result Of Choices Made By The US Empire "The commander of the US nuclear arsenal has stated unequivocally that the war in Ukraine is a warmup exercise for a much larger conflict that's already in the mail."

We need to help Ukraine launch an extremely escalatory and deadly bid to recapture all the territories Russia has annexed even though the US government says it won't succeed because otherwise evil tyrants will realize that they can use their militaries to attack nearby nations.

Anyone who believes US policy on Ukraine will change under Republicans is a fucking moron.

The Farther People Are From The Fighting In Ukraine, The More They Oppose Peace Talks "Remember this as you watch armchair warriors and NAFO neckbeards dogpiling anyone who advocates peace talks."

Nobody's ever been able to answer this question: if Russia's decision to invade Ukraine had nothing to do with western provocations, how come so many western experts spent years warning that the west's actions would provoke Russia to invade Ukraine?

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