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@VonMaunder @TitanAE99 @DrAnders13 @KyivIndependent Umm. Here in 2023 Ukraine鈥檚 president is a Jew and Poles are Ukraine鈥檚 biggest supporters so, you sound a bit out of touch.

@VonMaunder @TitanAE99 @DrAnders13 @KyivIndependent I really have no idea what you鈥檙e talking about, but if you knew anything about the history of Ukraine you would know Jews have been a part of it since its earliest origins. https://t.co/BjGjtrARrb

@VonMaunder @DrAnders13 @KyivIndependent Ukraine simply doesn鈥檛 want to be part of the Russian World, and Russia can鈥檛 handle it https://t.co/wRm1kYIpNx

@NuttingAndrew @Bluearmy_12_21 @BillAckman @SVB_Financial @FDICgov We offered Ukraine partnership with the West, sure. His analogy is correct. Russia is an abusive deadbeat boyfriend with a bunch of girlfriends The Russian Federation 鈥 A Prison for Nations. The West instigates rebellion by its mere existence, there outside the window.

@geodiscourse @Nick00845036 @ChrisNe19041391 @CondorOnRegis3 @runews They had already lost their customers by invading Ukraine, no gas was flowing to Europe through Nord Stream, that鈥檚 why it made sense to blow it up and blame the US

@TheDrive4Five @SpaghettiKozak @GravitysRa1nbow See also the 1997 Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation, and Partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, in which Russia and Ukraine agreed on the inviolability of the existing borders, a concept Putin expressly reaffirmed in 2008 (a lie to play down Georgia as one-off)

@wildfire10301 @sues86453 @ThePatriotOasis Y鈥檃ll know NATO has like 3 million active troops none of whom have set foot in Ukraine? And that if NATO was fighting Russia, it would be over in days, one way or another?

@medeabenjamin That would be confusing, because I already told Congress to send fighter jets to Ukraine. I would tell them to send Medea Benjamin but I see she鈥檚 got more important things to do

@Paul_Goode78 @SlightlyRobotic @Maks_NAFO_FELLA I think the answer is, whatever Ukraine ends up winning, ends up joining NATO I don鈥檛 think there鈥檚 serious disagreement about this in Western governments, at this point

@jeanosis_ef @crevolea44 @cybersoroka @avaritiaprima @MriyaAid @MriyaReport It鈥檚 complicated by the fact hundreds of people listen to MR every day, they get to know + trust the others over time. MR have a board but it鈥檚 a volunteer org with 40+ co-hosts Not single ID 鈥渕otive鈥 鈥 what they have in common is being pro-Ukraine

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