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The US is sending Ukraine a new $2.1 billion weapons package, including a new ground-launched, bomb-tipped rocket

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy of Ukraine urged deeper integration into the EU as he tries to rally his country to face an anticipated military offensive from Russia

The US tells Turkey to clamp down on the flow of goods to Russia, which it says is helping Moscow prolong its war on Ukraine

Germany gives the green light for the export of Leopard 1 main battle tanks to Ukraine

Germany and Sweden are in talks over a new weapons package which would see Stockholm provide air defense missiles and launchers for Germany鈥檚 IRIS-T systems to Ukraine, sources say

Czech Republic鈥檚 incoming president says only limit to weapons deliveries to Ukraine should be nuclear arms

The only limit to weapons deliveries to Ukraine should be nuclear arms, says the Czech Republic鈥檚 incoming president Petr Pavel, a retired NATO general, also issued a veiled threat, saying Russia isn鈥檛 the only country to possess atomic weapons Latest:

Ukraine's president meets with EU leaders as warnings continue of a new Russian assault

South Africa's decision to participate in naval exercises with Russia will sink its pretensions of neutrality over the war in Ukraine, says @ghoshworld via @opinion

Without a fresh infusion of economic aid, Ukraine faces the prospect of a currency crisis, hyperinflation or both. Europe needs to step up via @opinion

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