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Free read: I'll admit it. I feel no sympathy for those who chose to invade Ukraine and died. This was their choice. They believed Putin's lie. Putin still hides this lie. Russian men, dying in war, leave many families sad, angry and silent Read here:

"Both cities of Bakhmut and Avdiivka have been considered key targets of Russia鈥檚 offensive across Ukraine鈥檚 east, with analysts saying Moscow needs to take Bakhmut if it is to advance on the regional hubs of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk."

Russia damn well better pay for all this destruction, this loss of human life. All this is on them back to the beginning when they illegally invaded Ukraine. More war crimes. - Russia attacks 2 key eastern Ukraine cities #UkraineUnderSiege

From the article: "Even African officials whose governments refused to join in formal U.N. condemnation earlier this year of Russia鈥檚 invasion of Ukraine tell of calling Russian leaders privately to urge Russia to let Ukraine鈥檚 grain out of the ports, she said."

And force Russia to pay for the reconstruction of Ukraine. After all, they're responsible for the destruction. Accountability too for the war crimes they've committed. #FactsMatter

Interesting. Maybe his pals need to pick up the slack and go out and fight themselves, or give up. The latter would be preferable. Putin鈥檚 Pals Furious Younger Russians Don鈥檛 Want to Die in Ukraine via @thedailybeast #LongLiveUkraine

Most definitely bothered by this reporting. I searched to see if other news sources had reported this. Unfortunately I found them. Amnesty International's report criticizing Ukraine is dividing the rights group #WarCrimes

What's said in the byline says it all IMHO. Interesting read that is free, btw. Russia鈥檚 Shortfalls Create an Opportunity for Ukraine, Western Officials Say #LongLiveUkraine

This is why Ukraine must regain control: "Moscow-backed local officials in Ukraine鈥檚 east and south have talked about holding votes on joining Russia as early as September. Those plans hinge on Russia鈥檚 ability to win full control of those areas by then."

It appears that Ukraine is fighting back strategically. Ukraine continues to keep Russia from attaining its objectives. Glad to see this. Plus a grain shipment has gone out. - Ukrainian attacks force Russia to divert its troops #LongLiveUkraine

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