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Resistor, Retired Combat Veteran. Son of the survivor of Hitler鈥檚 camps, Husband, Father of three, A
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@RonJohnsonWI YOU support Putin. Putin invaded Ukraine. Putin鈥檚 war created these high prices. YOU voted against limiting price gouging by oil producers. YOUR actions raised gas prices!

@LindseyGrahamSC Did you mention to Zelensky that Republicans will abandon him and give Ukraine to Putin if they get control of the House in the midterms?

@RandPaul Rand Paul is a Russian Operative according to Ukraine鈥檚 Foreign Minister. That is why Rand Paul advocated abolishing the Espionage Act within days after it became known that Trump stole Top Secret documents relating to nuclear programs.

@kylenabecker @BillyBaldwin It was always the plan after Trump鈥檚 re-election. Trump was going to leave NATO and give Ukraine to Putin. His other top priority was to eliminate Social Security and Medicare. If MAGAs get control, it can all still happen.

@MayraFlores2022 Learn from history. Putin will not stop in Ukraine on his own. He must be stopped. Right now, the world is benefiting from a strong and determined Ukrainian military. If Putin moves into another nation, we may not be so fortunate.

History repeats. Putin will not stop in Ukraine on his own. He must BE STOPPED! @SecDef @POTUS @NATO

@0xJessd @ksorbs 鈥淒irect involvement鈥 is when a member of our military in uniform on military orders can be shot and killed in Ukraine. Everything else is support.

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