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Germany after collapsing in #Ukraine has decided needs to export arms to Saudi Arabia to continue attacking Yemen because what #Russia is doing is so wrong. — Despite the veto, Germany has on other occasions through NATO licensed such exports. —"the life savers"

Those Anti #Russia want Zelensky get the Nobel Peace —purges of unarmed civilians by neo-Nazi guerrillas might score some points. If Obama got it and has a cult despite everything & his migrant cages. I don't see why not. #Ukraine️ It's your circus do what you want.

Zelensky : #Ukraine is ready to hold negotiations with #Russia but only with a new Russian president — Someone have mercy on your puppet and don't give him the script the United States always use with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran.

Western press : #Russia wants to create a conspiracy against the United States — Well, if someone searches about Hunter Biden Burisma's subsidiaries like Naftogaz, Nord Stream II #Ukraine "killer" Obama's lobby with Poland, who needs one.

Zelensky's forced the separation of Naftogaz from #Russia's gas transit to comply with European energy regulations required by IMF & European Commission in order #Ukraine continue receiving funds and remain part of the European energy market. They set their gallows. Not Russia

#Ukraine with Naftogaz earns up to $3 billion per year in transit fees from #Russia's gas, or about 3% of the country's GDP, and is a valuable source of foreign exchange. — Pro Neo-Nazis insist Putin boycotted Nord stream. Yeah well...

United States & its allies : is against the law #Russia takes territories from #Ukraine —could you give us back Puerto Rico, Guayanas, Antillas... to the Hawaiians, Hawaii. Wear your mouth with your deeds.

United States & its allies we need the world to save lives in #Ukraine from evil #Russia —Mexico and ours too? No idiots.. no, it's your fault die with our country's gunrunning, we won't change our laws for your insignificant lives.

Good thing there's not a migration centre for drugs & weapons that pass right next to migrants freely between México & United States who calls for solidarity with #Ukraine uh! +600,000 dead "unequivocally" forbids any w neurons support stupid proxy wars against #Russia —“sorry”

A US judge dismissed a lawsuit by Mexico... 'federal law "unequivocally" prohibits lawsuits that seek to hold gun manufacturers liable for weapons falling into the hands of drug traffickers' — protects US arming Narcos, terrorist rebels in #Syria or ISIS & Neo-Nazis in #Ukraine

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