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You'll see how much NATO, the EU and the IMF care about Ukraine when they come looking for that money they owe them

NAFO you're lying or ignorance is going to lose, and it's not because people love Russia or hate Ukraine, it's because too many people in the world know the truth, the lies being told them are becoming too ridiculous or their own self interests are becoming too important to them.

The reality is that Ukraine is taking advantage of a time when they know they have superiority in numbers and know where Russian defenses are weakest The question is whether or not expending this much of their capabilities turns out to be a wise decision or not in the end

How did Russia ever get 20% of Ukraine if they're always losing?

I wish I had the words to get American citizens to realize that our Gov't is using Ukraine as a proxy to weaken Russia and doesn't care how many Ukrainians die and they will never allow any kind of peace agreement, because that goes against their geopolitical goals.

I wish I had the words to get citizens in our country to understand that the United States Gov't is using Ukraine and doesn't care how many Ukrainians die

How did we get to the point where the people that say they support Ukraine want to see more Ukrainians die?

I watched MSM coverage of the war I saw them praising Ukraine's victories which have been impressive and I salute the brave non nazis fighting for their country I also saw almost nobody mention the 300.000 Russian troops coming and if they did saying they don't matter

Nobody wants to talk about the US aided coup in Ukraine Nobody wants to talk about Minsk agreements that Ukraine broke Nobody wants to talk about Ukraine shelling the Dombass for 8 years Nobody wants to talk about the Nazis Everybody wants to pretend this started on Feb 24th

Mud season and 300,000 troops are coming, Putin will no longer be restricting his military to operate under the constraints of a Special Military Operation Ukraine is throwing everything they have at Russia now Non-Nazi Ukrainian troops fighting for their country are very brave

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