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The illegal annexation of 4 border regions to MAINLAND Russia has been validated by its Constitutional Court An INTERNATIONAL WAR TRIBUNAL in Ukraine with all Evidence and Witnesses (thousands) has to be set up with UN/EU and START proceedings to try war criminals on site

Physical Damages caused by the war in Ukraine is estimated at about 100 billion $ Who will pay compensation due to reconstruct the country as it was before? TheRegime Accomplices: Commander Ministers Generals Spokeswomen/men A UN Commission to evaluate ALL War DAMAGES monthly

The signature ceremony of annexation of the 4 border regions of Ukraine to Russia has not changed the offensive of the Ukrainian forces to recover occupied territory which now requires complete RECONSTRUCTION to enable the population to live with BASIC AMENITIES in a winter

NATO the NORTH ATLANTIC organization increased its RESPONSE FORCE in Europe following its Summit in June with a new Strategic Concept and a "360 degree approach" to collective defense The next summit in Lithuania in 2023 will be crucial to deter invasion/annexation as in Ukraine

After 10 years, the NATO Treaty of 1949 CAN be reviewed at the request of a Member State for a REGIONAL ARRANGEMENT with Ukraine for selfdefence of its territory and to preserve peace and security under the UN CHARTER NATO can invite a European State to accede to the Treaty

Luhansk and Donetsk,Ukranian Regions as republics and Zaporizhzhia and Kherson annexed regions have joined the Russian Federation making an extended buffer land bridge with Crimea and mainland Russia for its war to occupy other regions Ukraine to join forces with border STATES

While the Moscow Rally today will celebrate the ILLEGAL annexation by sham referendums of 4 regions of Ukraine to Russia , Ukraine to target 4 objectives in the South to mark its military offensive to Dismantle their artificial frontiers and recover ALL it's territory

Russia is paralyzing the Security Council by its veto to maintain world peace and security It cannot be judge whenever a decision is to taken in which it is a party Whenever a resolution regarding the war in Ukraine is concerned it must not attend Simple

Special MILITARY operations and MOBILIZATION by Russia is WAR to destroy occupy annex territory of Ukraine committing HUMAN SOCIAL ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMES not for POSTWAR but PRESENT PROSECUTIONS with Visual forensic live media WAR evidences

By the war in Ukraine Russia will face increasingeconomic social political instability as economic sanctions are reducing its external trade,investment,employment.domestic production, consumption and living standards and With mobilization social upheavals and a WAR ECONOMY

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