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Putin Suffers Most Humiliating Ukraine Defeat Yet

@NellUncle @Cernovich It鈥檚 seems Putin is the one trying start wars, the US is only trying to help a sovereign country to defend itself. Cowering b4 dictators is a recipe for disaster. Hitler is a perfect historical analogy for what鈥檚 happening in Ukraine. The Baltic countries would鈥檝e Been next.

Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine, U.N. investigators say - The Guardian

Ukraine finds graves and 鈥渢orture centers鈥 in recaptured east - AFP News

@JoshBlackLiberT @MarcosDLCZ @WallStreetSilv Oh like Ukraine and China claiming all of the South China Sea.

@dawnresist @apokerplayer @WSJ #1 threat. Today it鈥檚 more of a toss up btwn Russia and China under Chi. However, the US and Russia are in a Cold War now over Putin鈥檚 invasion of Ukraine. If the west caves to Putin the we will be making the same mistakes as 1938 with Hitler. He who doesn鈥檛 know history鈥

@MSM_isa_virus @WSJ Let see, you don鈥檛 dispute or address my facts just spout BS about how it鈥檚 Ukraine鈥檚 and US fault that Putin invaded Ukraine. You even didn鈥檛 know that Ukraine agreed to the Minsk accord but Russia didn鈥檛. You either a very ignorant ideologue or a bot, probably a bot.

@MSM_isa_virus @WSJ What about Russia invaded Ukraine Ukraine did not invade Russia do you not understand ? You don鈥檛 work for the GRU MH17 secondary Infektion department by chance.

@MSM_isa_virus @WSJ Russia stated they were not part of the Minsk agreement and didn鈥檛 pull their troops and equipment out of the Donbas. Since Russia didn鈥檛 abide by the accord Ukraine pull out. Ukraine agreed to give up its Soviet era nukes in exchange for Russia鈥檚 promise to not attack Ukraine鈥.

@MSM_isa_virus @WSJ So that gives Putin the right to invade Ukraine? The US didn鈥檛 take over Ukraine that鈥檚 laughable, Ukrainians wanted to move closer to Western Europe and join the European Union. Putin didn鈥檛 like that.

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