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Yesterday, I tweeted that it sure is weird that Ukraine is the only war I have ever seen Rs refuse to support, and it's striking they're choosing Putin over Raytheon. Must've upset someone, it's been a non-stop bot, MAGA and tankie attack ever since

Yesterday, I tweeted that I feel it's alarming that Rs have never met a war they didn't support until Ukraine, and it's strange that they are choosing Putin over the Miltary Industrial Complex

@astro_knot78 @USMC130 Yeah, I guess that's why Putin invaded Georgia, Chechnya and the Crimea prior to deciding he wanted Ukraine to. Gtfo toady

@astro_knot78 @USMC130 What does that have to do with Republicans threatening to cut off aid to Ukraine, justifying it with disingenuous rhetoric? Asking for a friend with less brain power than you

United States to send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. A big deal - the M1A2 Abrams is the undisputed king of the battle field

It's really wild watching Republicans, who love every single war, get twisted up over Ukraine & clutch their pearls in public about WWIII as if we can't all plainly see they don't want to help bc it threatens the Putin-GOP dark money pipeline.

This #nflnetwork piece on Ukranian football players turned soldiers in defense of Ukraine story with Kyle Brandt is riveting and powerful

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