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Not satisfied with slaughtering civilians in Ukraine, the Kremlin apparently wants to murder people in #Poland, too. “Russian missile strikes have crossed into Poland, killing two people.”

In my human rights newsletter today: 🔹 Revelations after Russian Retreats in #Ukraine  🔹 Taliban Pledge Deeper Terror in #Afghanistan  🔹 #Iran in a Rush to Kill 🔹 Reflections from #NewOrleans  👉👉 Read & subscribe here:

"Stop a person on the street in Sarajevo and ask them what they think about the war in #Ukraine, and they’ll tell you they think that almost everything that happened in the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina is happening in Ukraine."

Russia’s state media cheering on atrocities against children in #Ukraine

Spot the similarity… Russian police are torturing anti-war activists in Russia: Russian military forces are torturing people in occupied #Ukraine:

EU Parliament has awarded the people of #Ukraine its annual Sakharov prize. Named after the late Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, it has been awarded annually since 1988 to individuals and organisations defending human rights and fundamental freedoms.

I’m seeing new reports about Russian forced transfers of people from #Kherson in occupied #Ukraine. Under international law, the forced transfer of the population from occupied areas is a war crime. 🧵

Survivors identified at least seven locations in Izium, #Ukraine, including two schools, where they said Russian soldiers had detained and abused them.

As well as committing new atrocities in #Ukraine, the Kremlin is also trying to hide its old atrocities…

Torture by Russian forces in occupied Izium, #Ukraine, was “part of a policy and plan”. Important new report from Human Rights Watch:

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