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Alicia Segovia Ph.D.
Educator. Zionism is the ultimate National Liberation Movement because it delivered self-determination to one of history鈥檚 most persecuted peoples
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@SaraReyi Russia, unprovoked, attacked Ukraine. Jordan, unprovoked, attacked Israel. Completely opposite circumstances

@mehdirhasan Mehdi: Russia attacked Ukraine. Conversely, Syria and Jordan attacked Israel. You need to be a bit more careful if you aspire to be a (responsible) journalist

@McFaul He had Trump help him soften NATO and western support for Ukraine. It didn鈥檛 really work but Putin was committed to take over Ukraine and so he did as much as he could. He played his hand to the end. Will it stick or will it backfire?Will he be removed or will he survive?

Biden has been masterful in Ukraine. Despite Trump鈥檚 efforts to disrupt NATO, Biden has unified it and has procured enough deterrence and weapons to allow the Ukrainians to defend themselves

Wow this whole thing is really interesting, if true. Including the bit that Russia鈥檚 ability to help Assad has been weakened by the war in Ukraine

@ZionM123 @MariamBarghouti Israel is mostly responsive to terror attacks. And just like Ukraine, it鈥檚 existence has been threatened from the very beginning. That makes them both a victim even if, at times, they initiate actions

@IlyaMatveev_ Wrong. Both Israel and Ukraine face tyrannical enemies that question their legitimacy as a nation and wish to see them destroyed.Both Russia&the Palestinians have no regard for human life and freely attack civilian targets. If you support Ukraine you should support Israel

@Issam_Adwan @June4th Yes like thousands in Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Ethiopia鈥ight?

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