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@oysteinbogen I disagree. This war will only be won when Ukraine pushes russia out of its territory. That needs to happen as quickly as possible. We're just wringing our hands, debating with ourselves endlessly about nothing

If we have learned anything from arming Ukraine, it's that Russian "escalation" exists only in the fevered minds of certain "thinkers" and "scholars." It is nowhere to be found in the real world

@ArthurSBandit Been calling for ATACMS for Ukraine basically since the full-scale invasion began. Need to get over this irrational fear of escalation

After victory, Ukraine will become a prosperous regional powerhouse and beacon of freedom in the world

International Olympic Committee plans to let Russia and Belarus compete even as genocidal invasion of Ukraine is ongoing. Another sick move from this corrupt body

I hope ruzzia realizes what is going to happen when hundreds of modern main battle tanks reach Ukraine. Probably best just to leave now

Holy crap! Even Switzerland coming around and allowing munitions reexport to Ukraine. It's a miracle!

Looks like it's going to be Abrams to unlock Leopards. Good deal. Ukraine gets both

NEW: For 30 years, the West has floundered in its policy toward Russia. I speak to @AVindman about how we do better and why we STILL hesitate to send tanks to Ukraine

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