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Ukraine bought a satellite. Awesome

Russians compare a visa ban to the Holocaust even as they commit an actual genocide in Ukraine

Every time we show weakness, Putin prolongs the war. He hangs on to the hope that the West will tire of helping Ukraine. But we will never tire. We need to demonstrate that every day

Ukraine will bloom into the leading democracy it was always meant to be. And Russia will be a land of darkness, isolated from everyone and everything

Ukraine will win this war. Nazi Russia will lose. And it will be a great thing for all humanity

Putin constantly threatens nukes. But he will never use nukes. Because that would mean NATO. So we need to ignore his empty threats and help Ukraine win h/t @LivFaustDieJung

Russians COULD demand withdraw from Ukraine and it WOULD make a difference. Even Putin鈥檚 brutal regime can鈥檛 imprison tens of millions of people

Ukraine has never stopped fighting and will never stop fighting

Russia should just claim all its bases accidentally exploded and get out of Ukraine

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