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The World today where we support bad people in Ukraine while watching our government money laundering and selling out our country and we didn't even vote them
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@sfh300 @Nigel_Farage You're not still supporting the nazis in Ukraine are you? Especially now they're using chemical weapons 馃ぎ

@Monde1012 @rec777777 @NicholasTyrone All waiting for you to join the crowd and tell this fake PM that nobody voted for to stop supporting the Nazis in Ukraine. Do that and I will help you

@Darkvisor2 @Malcolm744 @acgrayling You seem popular 馃槀 how many times to you guys need to be told that we don't want anything to do with the nazi EU 馃槀 also tell Poland those materials they got from the US funded Ukraine biolabs are dangerous. 馃憤

@acgrayling Where's EU politicians pointing out it's wrong to move the materials from US funded biolabs in Ukraine to Poland 馃嚨馃嚤

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