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Secretary-General of the @UN. We will never, ever give up making this world better for everyone, ev
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Humanitarian needs in Sudan are spiralling, with living costs skyrocketing amid the ripple effects of the war in Ukraine, and extreme weather. The @UN is working with the Government & partners to scale up the response, but more funding is needed.

The latest developments in the war in Ukraine are dangerous & disturbing. They are further steps away from any prospect of peace – and towards an endless cycle of horror and bloodshed. I will continue to spare no effort for peace in line with int’l law & the @UN Charter.

I remain gravely concerned about the situation in and around the Zaporizhzhia plant, including reports of recent shelling. Let's tell it like it is: Any damage - whether intentional or not - in Zaporizhzhia or any other nuclear facility in Ukraine, could spell catastrophe.

Just a few days ago I saw this @WFP vessel get ready to sail for the Horn Of Africa as part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative. My thanks to all involved in securing the arrival of this ship to Djibouti, carrying food from Ukraine to help fight hunger.

With the onset of winter, humanitarian needs in Ukraine continue to rise rapidly with millions of people in need of assistance and protection. It is imperative that humanitarian actors have safe and unhindered access to all people requiring assistance, no matter where they live.

Today marks a sad and tragic milestone – six months since Russia’s 24 February invasion of Ukraine. Thousands of civilians have been killed. Millions have been displaced. The people of Ukraine and beyond need peace and they need peace now.

Today in Istanbul, I saw, with great emotion, the @WFP vessel Brave Commander, transporting much-needed food products from Ukraine to the Horn of Africa. It’s an enormous contribution to making sure that children, women & men do not die of hunger.

The energy crisis exacerbated by the war in Ukraine has seen a perilous doubling down on fossil fuels by the major economies. New funding for fossil fuels is delusional. It will only further feed the scourge of war, pollution & climate catastrophe.

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