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Anne O'Leary
Irish, Republican, Catholic "A bleeding-heart Nazi" - an enraged Zionist in twitter Banned multiple times.
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@TJH19571 The main difference is that the Western World supports Ukraine en masse.

@SamiPlane @DipperMc Please don't conflate our historical experience with any of these countries. We're a former colony, Ukraine isn't one and never has been one.

@kilomite2 @adriang86518036 Ukraine is governed by a bizarrely mix of racial supremacits, Zionists, pro-WASP and pro-NATO supporters. Horrific regime.

@macruairi2 @HeroyamSlava22 @Independent_ie Definitely supporting this. Gave the pro-NATO brigade a gun and jackboots and send them to Ukraine.

@ewoodphoto @CFCdamo @patrick73712480 @BohemianMassive @FAIreland They certainly did. Their ancestors were living there. Zios were living in Poland and Ukraine at the time

@PikeCarrier @EunanDaMan @CBBurkean Fascism is irrelevant in Russia, very powerful in Ukraine. Nobody cares more about the workers than us Republicans.

@Celtlaw @MarkAgitprop @maknazpy @ThomasByrneTD Except it doesn't. FF opposes Russian gas thanks to the invasion of Ukraine, not the real or imaginary threats from Russia.

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