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@CMbongS108 @riverotter1968 The sad truth is that very few people care about actual war. We have to change the culture to get people to care, and break the hold of mainstream media. That's why people care about Ukraine, but not Yemen.

What do the US, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran all have in common? Sucky governments.

One of the many reasons @LPNational does not support American interventionist policies is because it escalates things. Russian threats of nuclear war are a perfect example of that. I feel for the people of Ukraine caught in this war, but America really needs to back off.

No raid on the Bidens for their dealings in Ukraine? No raid on Epstein's associates? No raid on the Clintons? The Bush family? Dick Cheney? 馃え

@POTUS It's time for you to stop printing money, sending our dollars to Ukraine, and blocking drilling.

Do voters care more about Hunter Biden's dealings with Ukraine, or his crack and pornography habits?

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