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Department of Defense: new package of security assistance for Ukraine; $425 million+ $1.75 billion. including: Additional ammunition for HIMARS; Additional 155mm artillery rounds; Additional 120mm mortar rounds; 190 heavy machine guns;

According to 2022’s results, more than 59 million tons of cargo were transshipped through the ports of Ukraine in 2022, 38% of the pre-war 2021 amount (UBN). Caused by Russia's blockage of Ukraine's Black Sea ports & destruction of steelworks in Mariupol.

Last year, Ukrainian metallurgists smelted 6.3 million tons of steel, compared to 21.4 million tons in 2021. As a result, Ukraine moved from 14th to 25th place in the global ranking of steel producers (UBN). This is entirely caused by Russia's war on Ukraine.

"...they are also defending our common values and the basic principles of international law. Today’s new measures send a clear message at a crucial time: we will continue supporting Ukraine for as long as it takes and as long as it is needed."

Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy: "Ukraine should get all the necessary military equipment and training it needs to defend its territory and its people from Russia’s war of aggression. They are not just defending their country;,,,

Finally, the West (the US) needs to authorize Ukraine to attack any military object in Russia also with Western arms. The West must aim at Ukrainian victory in 2023. It is doubtful that the House GOP will authorize more funds for Ukraine after September 2023.

Therefore, the collective West needs to give Ukraine all the arms it needs asap: 300 battle tanks (hopefully under way), 200 modern fighter planes, F-16, Swedish Gripen or French Rafale, Plenty of long-range precision missiles.

Today, Ukraine's military case should be evident. Putin will pursue his war of aggression against Ukraine for as long as he can (=is in power). The Western aim must not be to contain but to defeat Putin. "This man cannot stay in power," as @POTUS so wisely stated last March.

“The prospect of a quick start to the EU accession negotiations is to become the centerpiece of the agenda after Ukraine fulfils all the requirements of the European Commission and gets a positive evaluation,”

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba: At the upcoming EU-Ukraine summit on Friday, Ukraine readies to demonstrate progress on all seven recommendations of the European Commission and expects the EU’s positive evaluation.

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