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.@JoeBiden is in a Pincer with Xi & Vladimir holding the console & ratcheting up the pressure & they own the timing on the Ukraine Taiwan Two Step “high-level strategic coordination between China and Russia.” @WilliamYang120

Mr. Putin this week called Mrs. Pelosi’s visit a “thoroughly planned provocation” by the U.S. to sow chaos. @WilliamYang120 the Ukraine Taiwan Two Step

.@SecBlinken has refused to meet Lavrov, Biden calls for ‘’Regime Change’’ on a daily basis and ‘’defensive’’ weapons are being shoveled into Ukraine at an unprecedented speed.

He then explained that the reason for the trap was to bring down the Soviet Union. Brzezinski said: There is a strong argument that the US actually set a Trap for Russia in Ukraine

Galloping inflation is not result of “war in Ukraine,” but of the excessive money-printing by central banks since 2008, in an attempt to paper over the systemic crisis — Schiller Institute @StoTatjana This is ‘’Voodoo Economics’’

The Geopolitical fault line is most visible in Ukraine & therefore at European periphery, however, fault lines are emerging all over global landscape & exhibiting multiple feedback loops, which feedback loops all have viral and exponential characteristics.

On the question of Taiwan, Mr. Kissinger worries that the U.S. and China are maneuvering toward a crisis @WSJ @JoeBiden is in a Pincer with Xi & Vladimir holding the console & they own the timing on the Ukraine Taiwan Two Step

Inflation did not start with the hot war in Ukraine... ...but the war did fan the inflationary currents that had been under way already: understanding today’s inflation as the result of an escalating economic war and a lingering pandemic is important, Zoltan Pozsar

However given Biden’s prudent refusal to send U.S. troops to fight Russia in Ukraine, it seems highly unlikely that Biden would order U.S. military forces to defend Taiwan from Chinese military aggression, especially if it did not include an actual Chinese invasion of the island

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is actually serving to increase incentive for China to begin military action against Taiwan to take advantage of current US military preoccupation in Europe @TheNatlInterest the Ukraine Taiwan Two Step

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