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Slovakia's Ambassador to the U.S. says the West wouldn't respond with nuke strikes of its own if Russia drops the bomb on Ukraine

Here's what's in the new $625 million Ukraine weapons package via presidential drawdown authority

鈥淪enior American officials say they think the chances that Mr. Putin would employ a nuclear weapon remain low鈥ut they are far more worried about the possibility now than they were at the beginning of the Ukraine conflict in February.鈥

Jake Sullivan: Ukraine's NATO status should be taken up "at a different time." 2 U.S. officials told me today that Ukraine's announcement came as a surprise.

Putin鈥檚 handling of the war and Ukraine鈥檚 response

.鈦@JonLemire:鈦 Aides see Biden鈥檚 UNGA speech 鈥渁s the latest in a series of high-profile opportunities for Biden to place the battle in Ukraine into his larger view that the next century will be defined by the battle between democracies & autocracies鈥

I finally got to the Russia-Ukraine section of my book *and* I鈥檓 near my word target already. Guys, it鈥檚 a good night.

PUTIN rejected a provisional deal whereby Ukraine promised not to join NATO and launched his war anyway, per a new exclusive report in Reuters.

DOD officially announced what's in the $3B Ukraine security assistance package

NEW: $3B Ukraine package includes: - > 250,000 rounds of artillery and mortars - 6 National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems - new counter-drone capability called Vampire - additional RQ-20 Puma drones - counter-battery radars w/ @laraseligman

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