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Ajamu Baraka
International human rights activist, organizer, political analyst. National Organizer for @blacks4pe
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For some, the Ukraine war has been a lesson in "European values." For those of us on receiving end of those values, the immoral, vicious & heartless irrationality of the "collectively West" was only reaffirmed by their policies in Afghanistan & in Ukraine. https://t.co/mEjOb28xqc

Zelensky has fired more of his internal security personnel, Ukrainian POWs don't want to be returned to Ukraine because they will be returned to front & abandoned. What a sad & pathetic war created by U.S. opportunism & ineptitude.

The NATO war in Ukraine war graphically exposed power of white supremacist solidarity in the North. The U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination has made it clear, either they dominate or they destroy the world.https://t.co/MyijkVy9rl https://t.co/rPzKGNr5Ex

Unfortunately, this is a little late with the 37 billion in pipeline for more police & repression & billions for the NATO war in Ukraine. We (Africans) have to build alternative independent power & make demands but not expect the colonial state to do anything than repress us.

One thing that is so damnable about the "collective West" is their selective morality. Ukraine reminded us that the only lives that really matter are the lives of Europeans (what is referred to as white people). That is why there is silence as Israel murders Palestinians-again.

While we are focused on Ukraine & Taiwan those great defenders of democracy & human rights in Israel are racketing up the murder of occupied Palestinians in Gaza. Don't you just love being a part of the civilized "collective West"?

Amateurism & ineptitude best describes current U.S. leadership. And if there is "mistrust" between Zelensky & his masters in the U.S., Friedman alludes to, is because Zelensky finally understands Ukraine has been used, unfortunately its too late. https://t.co/uTymFteZAp

The ultranationalists in Ukraine lost the possibility of national self-determination as soon as they went along with the illegal coup in 2014. Now with the war & the raid to come from U.S. & Western capital Ukraine is no more. https://t.co/0zFTjdClcB

As predicted, Black radicals are targeted again for not falling in line with U.S. imperial agenda on Ukraine. The FBI raided headquarters of African Peoples' Socialist Party in two cities. The allegations? It seems spreading Russian "misinformation." https://t.co/2HIqsyEiLr

If you are wondering about this messaging about how bad the Russians are doing as a result of the war, its because they know it will finally be revealed that the war in Ukraine has been lost. It was lost the minute the U.S. & West defined success as military victory over Russia.

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