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@ForgiatoBlow47 It’s because Joe Biden is a foreign agent. He has lobbied for years for endless money and weapons for Ukraine. He gets paid to do it funneled through Hunter #joebidenisaforeignagent

@GuntherEagleman @Tarapin28 When Putin invaded the Crimea, Obama said “it’s not our war”. He sent blankets and MREs instead of weapons. The problem is that Joe Biden has worked for years as a foreign agent, lobbying for money and weapons for Ukraine. He gets paid to use his influence for other nations.

@TimRunsHisMouth Of course not. Because that would end their valuable proxy war and interrupt their money laundering playground. Remember, Biden has worked as a foreign agent for years, pushing for money and weapons for Ukraine. He gets paid to do it, funneled through Hunter. #BidenIsADisgrace

@ElectionWiz @rogersealyclar1 No kidding. Biden is moving us from a proxy war to an outright declaration of war. This will not go well. When you put an idiot in charge of foreign policy you get idiotic outcomes. It’s all because Biden has been working for years as a foreign agent, lobbying for Ukraine.

@tsmith197071 Yes. If Ukraine is SO important we need to give them all our tax dollars, go fight. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it is a corrupt one party state that harbors fascists. 🙄

@Tara_in_NJ @Most_Maximus1 Hippies then: Peace and love. Anti-government, fuck authority, live how you want. Hippies now: pro-war in Ukraine, nanny state, listen to authority, do what they say! Unfortunately the hippies morphed into leftists. It’s sad. They originally hated government and were libertarian

@XStands4Ten @DC_Draino How do you plan to secure the border if all our money goes to Ukraine? Your political ideology is all over the map. Supporting Biden’s corruption and money laundering in Ukraine is insanity.

@XStands4Ten @DC_Draino Your ignorance of history is appalling. “Fascists in Ukraine?” Oh my, it can’t possibly be true.

@XStands4Ten @DC_Draino Not a student of history are you? Fascism in Ukraine dates all the way back to WW2. I’m sure your “Ukrainian girlfriend” has told you all about Bandera. And the current Azov battalion etc. Are you perhaps fascist yourself? It makes sense.

@XStands4Ten @DC_Draino Because I oppose the fascists in Ukraine? No. Don’t fall for a false dichotomy. Opposing fascism does not make you a communist. Nor vice versa. Are you stupid?

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