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@xpuctia5 @PatM08901 @VigilantFox @GovRonDeSantis The population of Ukraine is 40-50 million. The population of the world is 8 billion. Why should 8 billion lose sleep over 40 million?

@paweldebik @Rammir_ @LogKa11 Ukraine has been receiving aid since 2014. Since 2022 it has received close to 300 billion dollars in aid. There are more chances of Steiner taking a fresh campaign with his imaginary troops than AFU doing anything.

@WeLoveNATO There's nothing to think. While the US was busy with #ukronazis the Chinese entered into a treaty with Iran and Saudi Arabia. #Ukraine has already lost. Question is, will the US focus on #BankCrash in their country or will they entertain the comedian.

@DrOmerAlAzzawi @PeImeniPusha Think of the Twitter traffic, and all the hashtags if and once #WW3 happens 馃馃馃馃馃 No need to look at me. The #NAFO fellas are talking about escalation in #Ukraine It's only a matter of time now. Hopefully South Asia will be exempt. Get 馃嵖 & be ready 馃イ

@ImFromNafo @chenweihua @thinking_panda The US is discovering it right now. The political influence of US in the M-E is on the decline. The #SVBCollapse is adding pressure on their economy. All the while the US is focused on #Ukraine and the comedian. This is called the FAFO theory.

@AndyinBrum @oddkins1 @IAPonomarenko The ratio is 1:15 in favour of Ukraine, sometimes it's as high as 1:22. Once the western equipment arrives it will be 1:100 in favour of the #UkroNazis

@PMecrack @Daily_Griftor @BBCWorld #Ukraine is inviting foreign volunteers, surprisingly none of the fellas from #NAFO have taken up the offer.

@Crchrth @WinRussiawill The industrial hub of #Ukraine is home to ethnic Russians. #Bakhmut is with the musicians, but whatever helps the #UkroNazis cope.

@KroganCharr @Palmcitronrtns @Londonietis @WarMonitor3 Ukraine had an active army of 250,000 and reserves of 900,000. They had the second largest army in Europe. They were trained and equipped by NATO for eight years. What was the end result?

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