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@DavidSacks Russia can achieve peace tomorrow - just withdraw and recognize Ukraine's borders.

@elonmusk The above is pretty much what Putin wants. Why cater to his interests? Ukraine has official borders, why should those be changed? Also, Russia needs to pay reparations.

@igorsushko Would be cool if Shougu gets angry and bombs both of these criminals out of existence. He's lying to Putin anyhow so what's a few more lies - can blame it on Ukraine or USA.

@christogrozev They should just turn and start fighting on Ukraine's side.

@Dumb2R2 @AZmilitary1 Yes, way better for Europe to wait for Russia to "liberate" them after Ukraine.

@ancient_fisher @TheRickyDavila Ok, I'll entertain your premise for argument's sake. But the Azov regiment was defeated, captured, then exchanged for Putin's good buddy Medvedchuk (at rate 200 to 1). Now what is Putin doing in Ukraine?

@1000Frolly He won't. He already said Crimea is Russia and Ukraine has attacked Crimea several times. No consequence. He's a liar and knows well his threats are just bluffs.

@OneQuantumLeap @marymodestus Sure, what is so controversial about it? USA has been helping Ukraine for a long time, for a good cause. Anyone should be helping bring Putin down.

@rianru delusional/dumb - much better to be in Ukraine, NATO and EU than medieval Russia

@rianru "DNR" will soon be reincorporated into Ukraine. A fake puppet state.

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