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11/11 “This time, they decided to use the FTX collapse to spin yet another tale about money laundering. It's obvious that Western support of 🇺🇦 hurts russia as it leads to its losses on the battlefield. We know for a fact that every donation was spent for the benefit of Ukraine.”

8/11 The ongoing FTX crisis does not affect the operation of Aid For Ukraine. Out of $60 million received, $54 million have already been spent on Ukraine’s humanitarian and military needs. The report’s available on Aid For Ukraine’s official website.

We registered a separate domain for our crypto foundation! Now, our website is available at The previous domain name is no longer supported. Please keep helping Ukraine with crypto.

$178M of crypto donations were raised for Ukraine as of 30 September 22. We're proud that 1/3 of this amount went through @_AidForUkraine. This figure proves that the values of the blockchain community align with those of the defenders now fighting for Ukraine's freedom.

The history of Aid For Ukraine is told by its creators. @everstake_pool CEO @sergattic and @SolanaFndn Head of Communications @Austin_Federa shared with @VOANews the importance of creating a crypto foundation to help Ukraine and talked about its inner workings.

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