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Володимир Зеленський
Президент України
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Today Ukraine honors the memory of millions of victims of the Holocaust. We know and remember that indifference kills along with hatred. That is why it is so important that everyone who values ​​life should show determination. Eternal memory to all victims of the Holocaust! https://t.co/GaN6g1aTe1

I am grateful to the true friends of Ukraine @niinisto, @MarinSanna and the entire Finnish government for the largest military aid package announced today, including much-needed heavy weapons and ammunition. We are also waiting for important news following Ramstein.

Tanks, APCs and artillery are exactly what Ukraine needs to restore its territorial integrity. Thank you @RishiSunak, thank you @BWallaceMP, thank you British people for this powerful contribution to our common victory over tyranny.

Had the first phone call with Prime Minister of Ireland @LeoVaradkar. Thanked for freezing Russian assets, discussed support for Ukraine's energy system and post-war recovery. Invited to join the implementation of the #PeaceFormula.

Discussed defense support and the situation at the front with President of Estonia @AlarKaris. Coordinated steps towards further Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

I had a phone call with 🇧🇪 Prime Minister @alexanderdecroo. We discussed the current defense needs of Ukraine given possible escalation at the front. I invited Belgium to join the implementation of our 10-step #PeaceFormula. I also thanked for sheltering Ukrainian citizens.

I had the 1st phone call with newly elected President of Slovenia Nataša Pirc Musar @nmusar. We discussed defense cooperation, I invited her to take part in the implementation of the Peace Formula. Thanked for supporting European integration of Ukraine. Invited her to visit Kyiv.

I also had a phone call with 🇪🇸 Prime Minister @sanchezcastejon. I talked about the challenges at the front and conveyed the defense needs of Ukraine. I continue to consolidate the support of partners before the next meeting of "Ramstein".

Had a long and detailed conversation with President of France @EmmanuelMacron on the current situation. Thanked for the decision to transfer light tanks and Bastion APCs to Ukraine, as well as for intensifying work with partners in the same direction. 1/2

A substantive conversation with @JustinTrudeau. We discussed strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities in the face of threats and risks of escalation at the front. Expressed gratitude for the strong support of 🇺🇦 by 🇨🇦. Agreed on steps to implement the #PeaceFormula

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