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Володимир Зеленський
Президент України
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Had a productive talk with @MinPres. Discussed the situation at the front & further defense support for Ukraine. 🇺🇦 & 🇳🇱 are unanimous: the world should react decisively to sham referenda & increase sanctions pressure on RF. Coordinated support for 🇺🇦 initiatives within the UN

Russian invasion of Ukraine has started not on Feb 24: firstly, they invaded Crimea 8 years ago.🇷🇺 has a long story of attempts to govern the peninsula by сhasing free people of Crimean Tatars, including 1944 genocide and repressions after 2014. So, is Crimea 🇷🇺? @United24media: https://t.co/tv6YP9gMwX

In ancient times, Kupyansk was a powerful Cossack settlement. Russia has left behind here the only thing it is capable of – destruction. But we will revive everything and restore the indomitable spirit of this city. Because Kupyansk is Ukraine. It was, is and will be so. https://t.co/bAxp5yHVPw

Had a phone conversation with @UEFA President #Čeferin. Thanked for the solidarity with Ukraine, for the principled position and for the support in the @upl_official restart. We also count on UEFA's assistance in the liberation of captured Ukrainian athletes.

I had a productive conversation with @MinPres. We coordinated steps to counter the RF, increase sanction pressure on the aggressor, security & macro-financial aid to Ukraine. We also discussed cooperation in promoting 🇺🇦 initiatives within the #UN. We enjoy 🇳🇱’s firm support.

Ukraine continues to save the world with its grain. In addition to previous ships with 🇺🇦 grain for Africa, 28,600 tons of 🇺🇦 wheat will arrive in Somalia in the coming weeks. In this country, due to the war of the RF against 🇺🇦, the UN predicted a famine by the end of this year.

Coordinated with @vonderleyen steps to limit Russia's excess profits from the sale of oil and gas. Considered the possibility of a quick assessment by the European Commission as soon as Ukraine fulfills its seven recommendations. (2/2)

I've held the first telephone conversation with the new Prime Minister of Israel @yairlapid. I count on his country’s accession to the sanctions on Russia and provision of practical assistance to Ukraine in countering the aggression of the Russian Federation.

Had a great conversation with @POTUS. Thanked for the unwavering U.S. support for Ukrainian people – security and financial. We discussed Ukraine’s further steps on our path to the victory over the aggressor and importance of holding Russia accountable for war crimes. https://t.co/4edng8vkvn

Grateful to @POTUS and the people of 🇺🇸 for the powerful congratulations on 🇺🇦 Independence Day - an unprecedented package of security assistance of almost $3 billion. The people of Ukraine, all our defenders highly appreciate 🇺🇸's unwavering support. Together we will win!

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